Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Spirits of Old Town, Fort Collins, CO

Since we have started doing our haunted historic tours, I am constantly amazed at the 'haunted' aspect of Old Town, Fort Collins, CO!  I've lived here for years and been a Ghost-Whisperer (GW) for most of those same years, but seldom tuned-in enough while downtown in Old Town to pick up on the ghosts.

Now, of course, as an experienced GW, I often block that sort of energy when I'm not 'on duty' or doing a reading for someone. I have learned it can be overwhelming to constantly be open to that sort of thing. And I am amazed every time we do our tour that so many energies and entities remain in Old Town.

As Suzy begins talking about a place or building, I start tuning in to who and what is in that space. I like to treat each tour as if it were the fist one, and as if I am tuning in for the first time to that building/space. I listen with half an ear to Suzy, as I start talking to the ghosts and picking up on the energy. I am constantly amazed that so many personalities and so many 'imprints' are still available for the reading.

My definition of 'imprint' is:  An energy where ghosts are in a time-loop of sorts. They appear to be reliving, over and over, some sort of event from the past. They usually are unaware that Earth time has passed/changed. They usually do not see me - or anyone in the present tense. They are stuck in a loop - or stuck in a time period where nothing has changed for them. Their perception of the space and what is occurring there is what it was when they were alive (had physical bodies). Often, the loop is of a traumatic event in which they were involved.

At one location, a young woman's spirit was trapped in the loop of watching her murderer as he murdered first her, and then two other young women. She watched, as a ghost, in horror, as he did this - over and over. In this imprint, I did manage to take her out of the loop and take her to the Light, but often, imprints can be difficult to interrupt - with a successful outcome anyway. It takes some time and ingenuity on my part. :)

We have also come across a few ghosts who are very aware that things have changed in their space. Some of those don't want to leave, but are still very unhappy that things are not the same as when they were there in physical body. At one regular spot/building where we stop to share historical info, the ghost is actually hostile. He does not like that modern changes have happened and that everyone is invading his space. There is a very busy, popular restaurant and bar in his space now, and he is VERY unhappy that the noise level is more than he finds comfortable. He often complains to me about how rude people have become - not displaying the "genteel" (his word) manners of his time.

He finds us annoying, most of the time, and does not understand why we would tell our group about him. He seems to vacillate between wanting to talk to us and wanting us to "just move along" (his words).  As we approach his site each time, I never know in what mood we will find him. :) He is; however, always interesting.  I think he is beginning to get used to us - tolerate us, anyway. :)

There are so many more interesting and engaging spirits we meet each time! And it changes - which really surprised me at first. In all, it is so very fascinating to me - and I hope to you too - to see what they are up to each time we cycle through with a group. I am honored to get to meet them and honored to get to interact with them. They are all beginning to feel like old friends to me, as I get to know them better and better. I am finding them - and their stories -  endearing.

Remember:  Your haunted journey begins at Dusk! :)


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