Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ken Burns newest documentary hits close to home for Haunted History After Dark

A haunting full moon and many ghostly tales entertained this courageous group from Fort Collins on a Haunted History After Dark tour last Thursday night.  The streets of Old Town were alive with activity as we began our tour and added to the excitement. Grace and I unraveled the extraordinary early history of this colorful town and the MOST haunted locations for our brave tour participants.There are many historical and haunted gems along our route and some those treasures we unveiled for our Haunted History After Dark guests were; ghost signs, a long lost cemetery in the heart of Old Town where cavalrymen of the past still lay forgotten beneath the bricks, and the nails on the side of a 1879 bank, where long ago a very famous Frontier man once posted his adventures for all the town to see.
At the first location on our tour, well known local ghost whisperer Grace, related to us that one of the spectral beings that regularly visits us on our tour (and usually sends goosebumps up and down the necks of our guests) had, with Grace’s help, reunited with her love interest in the after-life.  She stayed for only a short time on our tour, as she explained that she was “busy”.  But, definitely made an appearance.  One enthusiastic participant loved the story and said, “Cool! Shackin’ up in the after life!”  According to Grace, spirits don’t need to stay in the emotion and event in which they died. That after death, we are allowed to progress, grow and develop, even in the beyond. This particular spirit, who meets with our guests regularly on our tour, has taken that step and is a happy spirit.  But, this is not so true for many ghosts on route.
  One very enthusiastic (human) guest to Haunted History After Dark, Cory, related a great story to Grace and I regarding his decision to move to Fort Collins from Payson, Arizona.Cory (above with sister Christina) said that after graduating from high school he had applied to many colleges including Colorado State.  One afternoon, he was wondering which college to attend and happened to look at the beer he was holding in his hand. It was a Fat Tire, and the address for the brewing company said, “Fort Collins, Colorado.” That was the sign he needed. He enrolled here and it was love at first sight. Cory says he loves Fort Collins history and was drawn here for a reason.  We love stories like this.  Cory had an amazing resemblance to early resident, Joe Mason. Possibly a past life? If so, Cory would definitely be up for an adventure as Joe Mason was not only the early resident who helped choose the site for the Fort, but was the town’s first sheriff, first postmaster and first sutler owner.

Let us know what you think. If you would like a past life reading contact Grace at
 When Grace and I show this fun treasure (at right) to visitors on our tour many say,"I walk on this everyday and never knew it was here!" Two of our guests really wanted a closer look.
Nearing the end of our tour visitors were taken to the exact location where a "night on the town" in 1881 at one of the most popular watering spots in early Fort Collins ended in one of the most tragic and ghostly incidents in Fort Collins history and was the last straw for many residents before enacting prohibition in the city.

Learn the tragic reason why Fort Collins decided to prohibit the sell of alcohol for 73 years, as well as the locations where popular beer bottlers in the city were turned over night, literally, into bootleggers!
One of our wonderful guests, Jan (at left), said, “I cannot believe that Fort Collins was a dry town for THAT LONG!”
Producer Ken Burns is scheduled to release a documentary regarding prohibition this fall. His film will discuss the economic,political and social problems that arose from prohibition. Our own town of Fort Collins was not immune to those same conflicts caused by prohibition. But the short lived scandals and events that resulted from it helped to create the amazing, extraordinary and HAUNTED stories of early Fort Collins. Burns link is
Check out Ken Burn’s current production and take the Haunted History After Dark tour to learn more about our wonderful town’s haunted history connection regarding the event of prohibition which included crime, conflict, persecution and often times death.
Can any of our readers recognize where this is? It is a building in the heart of the city, was the home of a bootlegger after June of 1896 and was also the site of a "most distressing tragedy".
As famous songwriter Stephen Stills writes in “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”, “Will you come see me. Thursdays and Saturday’s ?” Haunted History After Dark offers tours to brave guests Thursdays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Or by reservation. Please contact us at YOUR HAUNTED JOURNEY STARTS AT DUSK!


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