Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haunted History After Dark tour guests and High Park Fire donations.

Haunted History After Dark tour guests and High Park Fire donations. From Thursday the 5th of July through Saturday the 14th of July any tour guests paying cash will have 10% of their admission donated to the American Red Cross targeted toward the victims of the High Park Fire. Haunted History After Dark sends huge thanks and appreciation to all the fire and emergency personnel, first responders and rangers for putting their lives on the line for the safety of our wonderful residents. You are an amazing and awe inspiring group of folks. The link for the American Red Cross/High Park Fire Donation site is located at:

Thank you also to Hand Up Cooperative for including Haunted History After Dark in their silent auction Saturday night at New Belgium. Co-coordinator Becki Evans Austin was instrumental in this project and suggested our tour for the auction. We give her a huge thumbs up! You rock Becki! If you are interested in more information regarding the extraordinary work that Hand Up Cooperative is accomplishing in the community by helping homeless and low income residents find and maintain employment, you can visit their web site at For the auction, Haunted History After Dark was very honored to be included in a package with the famous Armstrong Hotel and Ace Gillette's Lounge.

Despite the brown haze that has enveloped the valley in Fort Collins, many residents and guests were still excited to take to the streets to learn true tales of the macabre and meet the legends that made history in this frontier town with the Haunted History After Dark tours. They weren’t disappointed! The weekend of the 9th this large orb (above) was caught on a staircase while on our tour. While another guest captured a bizarre spectral image at the same location. And on Saturay the 16th one lucky tour goer had a first hand encounter with resident of a ancient grave site in the heart of Old Town when an unexpected phantom appeared on her Iphone right where Grace said a young cavalryman was standing!

If you would like to contribute to the High Park fire and take our tour at the same time please contact us at

Thank you to all of our tour guests for braving the heat and the smoke to take our spooky adventure through the streets of Old Town! Enjoy their photos below.


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