Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sometimes to be Unbalanced is to Live a Balanced Life

by Grace Cooley
The energy on and around Earth is pretty intense right now.  The effects of this intensified and magnified energy are showing up in strange, powerful, awful and wonderful ways.  For the past 2 weeks or so, I have had the giddy feeling one feels upon falling in love. I'm a bit of an 'airhead' these days, as a result. And at the same time, just like when falling in love, I don't really want to change anything about it. I like the sensation, even though it is a very unbalanced, and at times, scary, feeling.

I think of Wayan out of Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Eat, Pray, Love, who says (I'm paraphrasing from memory):  "Sometimes to be unbalanced by love, is to live a balanced life".  In the movie, it is Ketut who says this to "Liss".  Sometimes to be out of balance by something powerful and ultimately wonderful, is to really be practicing balance. I think of this and laugh at myself as I wander from one room of my house to another, trying to remember what I got up and went in there for. :) 

Sometimes energy such as we have right now on the Planet can cause, what humans deem to be, "bad" things to happen.  The energy is so intense and so powerful that it feels like too much to bear for some. For some, instead of producing the giddy feeling of falling in love, it can produce a feeling of having been turned inside out - so that every- and anything feels too abrasive and too intense without that protective coating of skin.  It can produce frustration, intolerance, anger, fear, anxiety, panic, etc. I am thinking, of course, of the school shooting that happened yesterday in Connecticut.

Something I heard Marianne Williamson say years ago comes to mind (again, I am paraphrasing from memory):  Think of what it takes to create an 'abusive' situation on Earth. You are in that time before this lifetime (nonphysical), and you are talking to those loved ones/souls with whom you will once again incarnate. You are all planning this next life. You all love each other immensely. You turn to one of them and say, "I really need to learn the lesson of compassion this lifetime, and I think I would best learn it if you were my father and then abused me as a child."  That soul looks at you in horror and flat out refuses, "But I love you; I can't abuse you!"  And you continue, "But I think that's the only way I am going to learn this lesson, and I REALLY want to get it this time."  The argument continues until the soul finally agrees to do it for you, b/c he loves you enough to want to help you learn that lesson. He agrees to be your father this lifetime and be abusive, he agrees to come into this lifetime and 'forget' how much he loves you and 'forget' that you talked him into it, and 'forget' he loved you so much that he agreed to it. At this point, Marianne said, "Now don't misquote me and say, 'Marianne says child abuse is okay.' All I'm saying is that on the big, cosmic level, it really IS okay; there is an agreement that happens between those souls."

Remember that we all make agreements before coming into all lifetimes. Remember who you are - you can never really 'die'. Your suit, your body can die, but YOU cannot die. Those people who lost their physicality on December 14, 2012 in CT, including the shooter, Adam Lanza, were welcomed back into nonphysical on equal footing.  On that level, there are no victims and there are no monsters - we are all just souls. I hope we can have compassion for everyone connected to this tragedy - those still in physical form as well as all of those who left us.

So like Marianne, I ask you not to misquote me and say, "Grace thinks it's okay for school shootings to happen."  What I want to remember is (even as I am crying right now) that Adam, those souls and all of us with them made some agreements. I want to remember that Adam loved them and us enough that he was willing to agree to come here and 'forget' that he is just like the rest of us:  A magnificent Being of Light who is pure love in his Essence. He agreed to be the bad guy this time to unite us against violence, to make us pull together to look at our way of life, to force us to go within at this time of intense, bright, awful energy to find out what we really believe in. How do we want to move forward in our own lives? How do we want to move forward as a Nation, as a Planet? Looks like Adam and those 'victims' have given us a magnificent, horrible, wonderful gift for Christmas 2012, doesn't it?

May we all know peace. Who was it that said, "Our hearts get broken so that the light can get in"?  My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this event - which IS everyone, really - and especially those who lost someone. Godspeed.


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