Sunday, October 2, 2011

It seems the spectral guests on our tour are getting more courageous, and more eager to tell their stories and make their presence known.

Maurice (center)

What an amazing
 and diverse crowd of brave Saturday night ghostbusters we had on the Haunted History After Dark tour Oct. 1, 2011! Before each of our ghostly Old Town adventures each week, Grace and I talk about the many different ethnicities, backgrounds, and geographical locations that the early residents came from, and which make up its very colorful past. Residents today, tourists, and out-of towners who come to take our tour are all a part of that special history of Fort Collins.

Joe Mason
 Without even being aware of it, all of you continue that legacy and that color and the diversity that make Fort Collins what it is today. One of those was very enthusiastic tour participant Maurice, who has a French background. Unknown to Maurice, early Fort Collins and surrounding areas such as La Porte, were founded on the resourcefulness and courage of early French residents such as Antoine Janis (pronounced Jhonee), John Provost (pronounced Provo) and my own personal favorite Joseph Mason who Mason Street is named after. Joe's french name was Messier. Joe Mason not only helped choose the location of the new "fort" but was also the first sheriff, postmaster, and sutler owner. Grace and I couldn't help but notice a distinct resemblance between these two handsome French men. Another handsome Haunted History After Dark guest was John, who traveled from Denver with his equally beautiful wife Cathy, just to take our tour.
John, Rose, Cathy, Kathleen
John and Cathy were joined by two friends from Cheyenne, Rose and Kathleen. Interestingly enough, one of the haunted sites on our tour is a location where many early visitors actively frequented from both Cheyenne and Denver to "conduct business". Kathleen, at far right in the photo above is currently the Dean of Arts and Humanities at Laramie County Community College (LCCC). After taking our tour she can now count herself as Dean of Haunted History After Dark (HHAD). Very prestige.

On our Haunted History After Dark tours, while talking about the diversity of the characters that made up early Fort Collins, we also mention that because of all those cultural, social, economic differences combined in such a small area, "...crime, conflict, persecution, and often times death occurred as a result." But, fortunately, on this night, even with all the diversity on our tour, no crime, no persecution, no conflict or deaths occurred even with all the enormous Homecoming activity in Old Town tonight...whew! But...we were met by many victims of that early history in a supernatural form. It seems the spectral guests on our tour are getting more courageous, and more eager to tell their stories and make their presence known. At one very haunted location on our tour, as Grace was talking about a spirit that decided to come amongst our visitors, these orbs appeared on camera. This particular ghostly presence was a young Cavalryman. Normally, the orbs we catch at this location appear around the doors and windows of this haunted site. On this evening, Grace mentioned that he was standing in a semi circle space that our guests had conciously or unconciously created. I decided to take a few photos of the spot where Grace said an entity was located and this is what I caught.

The one above is at the direct spot where Grace said and young Cavalryman entity was standing among our guests. The photo is untouched. It's hard to make out, but "something" is definitely there. I am going back to the location to make sure it wasn't a discoloration in the bricks. I'll update you soon. Because we have been to this location often though and are very familiar with it, I'm thinking it's genuine.
I also caught two orbs in a second and third story window at one of our locations at the exact spot where Grace said that entities were looking at our group down below. To protect the business owners at this particular location, I won't publish these until I get permission. But, they are very clear. Atleast two other participants tonight indicated they had received blue colored orbs on their camera's tonight.

As always, our human guests, as well as more ghostly ones always fascinate us and make our nights so fun and memorable. The stories of our tour participants are just as extraordinary as our early residents and we are all a part of Fort Collins special history. Check out the photos of some awesome tour guests making history tonight below. Thanks so much to everyone who bravely participated in our tour tonight!

John from Denver City
Cute Nathan and Sue Ellen
If you have questions regarding the paranormal history in Old Town Fort Collins and would like to take a Haunted History After Dark tour please contact us at The cost is 10 clams per individual brave ghost buster or 35 big ones for an extra courageous group of 4. Cash only please.

Stephen Stills begged Suite Judy Blue Eyes long ago, “Will you come see me…Thursdays and Saturdays…” What a coincidence! That’s when our tours are.  Will you come see us…Thursdays and Saturdays.  Or by reservation. 7:30 p.m.  Tours start at 136 W. Mountain Avenue home of Boutique Bravo and Mother Lode Gallery where owner Kate has been in business for a whopping 33 years! Check her out.



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