Friday, October 7, 2011

People Who Don't Know They're Dead

This book was written by Gary Leon Hill. It was given to me a few days ago by a friend who, a few years ago, attended a presentation given by him. She was at the presentation with a friend, and they both bought his book and had him sign it. Her friend is currently moving and had a few things she was giving away to avoid moving them. This book was among those things, and since she already had this book, my friend gave it to me.

Being the ghost-whisperer of the Haunted History after Dark team, I often 'feel' books before I buy or read them to see if I really need or want to read them. This one felt solid. :) "Solid" meaning, to me, it seemed well worth my time. It has proven to be that, too.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting information about the way the non-physical world works. I found no contradictions in this book to all the info I have gathered in my years of doing Light Work. In fact, I learned a thing or two - which for me, was very exciting. :) I LOVE learning new info and techniques in Light Work that work for me. Everyone has their own techniques and has gathered their own info. It is always important to gauge how you feel about new info like this. Does it ring true? Does it feel right for you? This book definitely felt right. :)

I define "Light Work" as everything we ghost-whisperer/medium/psychic types do. The definition covers everything from doing psychic readings for clients to clearing buildings that are in dire need on-the-fly as I walk past while out running errands, to channeling energy/light through my hands and body to assist someone in their self-healing (b/c all healing is self-healing - Light Workers just provide a boost sometimes - a path for them to follow).

Another great thing about this book:  the wonderful bibliography at the end! Wow, there are some amazing books listed! I've read some of them in my quest for knowledge over the years and love many of those, and I am already gathering up some of the others to read. I can't wait to dive into them. :)

Gary writes about his aunt and uncle and how they learned to clear entities (ghosts) from people and places. The book contains some of the transcripts from a few sessions they had with clients, and they are fascinating to read. I really like the stance he takes too - the voice - he uses in writing this book, b/c I tend to take the same stance.

Even though I'm a psychic/medium/ghost-whisperer/healer type, I still, sometimes, am not sure whether I believe what seems to be happening during sessions. I sometimes reach a point where I am thinking along the lines of:  "This is WAY too far out there for even ME to believe." :)  So I like to read that he and his aunt and uncle were also that way.
From this, they also did something that I do:  They just proceed with the session as if that were what is really happening. Sometimes you just have to let go and fly by the proverbial seat of your pants. If the client feels better, confirms that you are channeling correct information for them that you couldn't otherwise know and their energy feels better afterward, does it matter that a 'sane' definition can't be found for what happened? :) 

This is exactly how my guides taught me to teach others to do what I do. They told me to tell students to suspend their 'adult' judgements and proceed on into the imaginary world of make-believe. It is only from this stance of "anything is possible" that lightwork can be done. They told me to explain that, "IF this were possible, then THIS would follow..." and so on - right into the world of intention and imagination. As Gary wrote, none of this would stand up on court - can't prove a thing. But does the client feel better? Yes. Is their life working better? Yes. Then that's what matters. "Needing proof leads to doubt. And doubt is a wall."

Yet one more great thing about this book:  He tells you how to clear yourself and your space. How great is that? There is a step-by-step guide that I really like. It varies a bit from my own protocol - which is not unusual, b/c all Lightworkers have to do what works best for them, but it's gonna work. It's a good guide, I think.  I have, in fact, made some adjustments in my own protocol, drawing on the info in the book.  It helped me look at the usual information I get in a reading/clearing in a different way, so that I can see more than I could before.

But really, the most amazing thing about this book? It was given to me at very crucial point in my life - right when I was asking some of the questions, to apply to myself, that are answered in the book. I LOVE the way the Universe does that! :) Ask and you shall receive! :) I have marked it up and dog-eared the pages and am already re-reading it. I'm sure at some point I will put it down for a while, but right now it is what I need. One thing is for sure:  It's a keeper - and I don't keep many books; I give them away, usually, once I've read them. :)

On our tours, the wonderful tour-goers always ask questions that take us into the non-physical world, how it works and how to navigate it. As questions come up and answers are given, we start getting into wide open, non-physical areas that probably validate beliefs for some, and I'm sure, also strain the tolerance of others. :) I'm just happy that they are there letting me do what I absolutely love more than anything in this world (physical or otherwise :) to do. Thanks so much to all our clients who join us so that Suzy and I can play at what we love to do!! :)
For those interested in the book, here's some info (and as always - take what works for you and discard the rest):

Title:  People Who Don't Know They're Dead
ISBN:  1-57863-297-8
Author:  Gary Leon Hill
Publisher:  WeiserBooks, 2005


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