Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dog gone cute!
Haunted History After Dark hosted an awesome and very courageous crowd of 15 for our Saturday night tour. We also welcomed our very first canine. This little pooch was very brave! Thank you so much to his owners who decided to include this cute friend on our outing. We want to give a huge Bravo and thanks to all of our guests for their enthusiasm and wonderful and insightful questions. Remember, if you have any inquiries regarding the history of Fort Collins or questions concerning ghosts, spirituality, hauntings, reincarnations, or anything paranormal contact . We will love to give you answers.
Ghost Whisperer Grace Cooley
Ghost whisperer and medium, Grace, was on her game this night, as usual. Many spirits lurked about the streets of Old Town on our tour which, Grace picked up on. At our first location she not only connected with spirits who normally meet our guests, but identified at least seven others that inhabit this location. She said that two stood next to us while talking about this specific site, but the others were not so welcoming and decided to remain inside the walls of the structure.  
At our second haunted location, where we learned about ghost signs, Grace picked up on 3 spirits inside an establishment that once was a mortuary (It is now a very popular restaurant).
A presence greeted our guests at a south Old Town location that Grace said was not good. She indicated that it was not even from this world, and would have definitely attempted to attach itself without her intervention. She stayed behind to do “some work” while the group continued to the next haunted site.
Grace picked up with us at our last two sites, and we concluded our tour at a location on Old Town Square at a structure that was completed in 1897 by an early and prominent citizen.
Jason and Chrissy
These two gorgeous guests to Haunted History After Dark were celebrating their 11th wedding Anniversary!  Jason and Chrissy both attended Colorado State University, but met after graduating. Congratulations Jason and Chrissy. And thanks so much for celebrating by taking the Haunted History After Dark tour.Chrissy took a brief moment after the tour to talk to Grace about a very close family member who had passed away. Grace reassured her that her that this person was in a good place.
Grace had picked up on so many entities on our tour this night. Some were familiar spirits on our tours, others were just making their presence known, but had been at several locations for a long time. Grace said that some were from early Fort Collins, and some were more contemporary or had died more recently and had attached themselves to a location that they felt familiar and were residing with older spirits to Old Town.
In my education and my life I’ve primarily been a historian and a journalist. In my new venture as a tour guide with Haunted History After Dark, I absolutely love what I am experiencing with our human guests and now with our many ghostly guests. But, I am in a little bit of unfamiliar territory. I am not afraid, but more fascinated by all of it, thanks to Grace.

After all of our tours Grace takes a moment to clear any entities that may have tried to attach themselves to our guests or ourselves while en route. She leaves all of our tour guests more spiritually cleansed than they were before they arrived on our tour. Grace always tells all of our tour guests that they contact her through if they have questions regarding spirits in Old Town or any inquiries regarding the paranormal.
While walking to our cars, after the tour Saturday night, I hugged Grace and said, “What would I do without you, what would our tour guests do?” And without missing a beat she said, “You would go home with ghosts. Like others might.”
 Take the Haunted History After Dark tour to learn more about Old Town Fort Collins haunted and historical past.
Contact for more information. Cost is 10 big ones per courageous ghost buster or 35 clams for an extra brave group of four. Cash only please.

 Stephen Stills begged Suite Judy Blue Eyes long ago, “Will you come see me…Thursdays and Saturdays…” What a coincidence! That’s when our tours are.  Will you come see us…Thursdays and Saturdays.  Or by reservation. 7:30 p.m.  Tours start at 136 W. Mountain Avenue home of Boutique Bravo and Mother Lode Gallery where owner Kate has been in business for a whopping 33 years! Check her out. And remember...YOUR HAUNTED JOURNEY STARTS AT DUSK!



Anonymous said...

My family just moved to Fort Collins and we would love to come along on your tour sometime. We checked out your website at,but we're hoping you can tell us more about the sites you visit. Also, is it OK to bring along kids on the tour?


To get some more info on us, go to our Facebook page at:

We currently have 2 different tours of the Old Town area. One goes south on College from Mountain Ave, and the other goes north and then east on Walnut. Hope to see you soon! To reserve a spot, email us at

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