Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Town Fort Collins spirits and stories ressurected...From “The Captain” a moody and adventurous cavalryman who mysteriously disappeared in 1869, to an Old Town famous Madame on Jefferson Street who almost literally ran the town court system

On a recent Haunted History After Dark outing we were met at our starting location on West Mountain by a city-employed scavenger and a regular on the tour. He visits here often. He’s attracted to the proprietor of the business, Kate. She owns Mother Lode Gallery.  His name is Charlie. Charlie is a handsome man who drives a one-horse wagon through town picking up garbage. On his travels he often sings old southern Christian hymns mixed with an ancient African dialect - songs he learned while he was a slave in the south.  He’s taught some of those songs to Kate.
Charlie bought his own freedom for $600 and came to Fort Collins as a cook, and worked in various old restaurants in town, including cooking for a U.S. President traveling through La Porte.  Charlie is displaced. One of his homes is now a parking lot, and the other is at an unknown location.  Charlie doesn’t care. He has his horse, and his wagon, and his songs, and he still travels through the streets of Old Town and ventures along with us on our tours. He’s friendly and loud, and gregarious, but one item you might want to know if you take our tour:  Charlie has been dead for over 100 years.
Haunted History After Dark has been hard at work this past summer researching stories and legends, people and places, and mysterious events, to gather the MOST haunted and historic locations in Old Town Fort Collins for the most bewitching season:  All Hallows Eve. We have accumulated information on at least 20 haunted locations in Old Town Fort Collins.  From “The Captain” a moody and adventurous cavalryman who mysteriously disappeared in 1869, to an Old Town famous Madame on Jefferson Street who almost literally ran the town court system and ended up one of the wealthiest proprietors in the city, the stories of the spirits of these early residents are resurrected for our Haunted History After Dark guests.
Grace (the haunted) and Suzy (the history) are local business owners and are very connected with the community.  After a near death experience (NDE) by an almost fatal bike accident in 1993, Grace’s experience and understanding of the spiritual realm catapulted her into helping others on their path, humans as well as spirits. She has been working with individuals in Fort Collins both here and in the spirit world to facilitate healing on all levels.  On our tours and at her home, Grace is visited regularly by the abundant ghosts that inhabit Old Town Fort Collins. They have stories to tell. They want to be known. She works hard to unravel and filter what is safest for the spirits of the early residents and most importantly, the guests on our tours. You will very seldom be bothered by any of the Old Town spirits after your tour - Grace is there to make sure of it. She always tells people, "I will make sure you don't take anything home that you shouldn't, but if something DOES show up, or if weird stuff is happening, just give me a call, and I can fix it right there on the phone."
Suzy (the history) is actively involved in many of the historical projects in Fort Collins. Bringing the most entertaining, educational, and historically accurate events of Old Town Fort Collins is her goal in this town Haunted History After Dark likes to call “The Jewel of the Frontier”.  Whether it's ghost signs, locations of early unfortunate events, or even the names of brothel owners, she can give you this. (The hardest part for her is trying to figure out which madam she wants to dress up as for Halloween, as there were many, and she knows their names and where they worked!)

If you would like to get a past life reading, explore the haunted history of your location, OR take a tour to learn more about the spooky history of Old Town Fort Collins please contact Hauntedhistoryafterdark@yahoo.com. Cost is 10 big ones per courageous ghost buster or 35 clams for an extra brave group of four. Cash only please.
 Stephen Stills begged Suite Judy Blue Eyes long ago, “Will you come see me…Thursdays and Saturdays…” What a coincidence! That’s when our tours are.  Will you come see us…Thursdays and Saturdays.  Or by reservation. 7:30 p.m.  Tours start at 136 W. Mountain Avenue home of Boutique Bravo and Mother Lode Gallery where owner Kate has been in business for a whopping 33 years! Check her out.



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