Friday, September 16, 2011

Haunted History After Dark just conducted another successful tour tonight! Seven brave participants were taken to various haunted locations in Old Town Fort Collins where they learned about the most haunted and most historical sites in town. Ghost whisperer Grace was on her game tonight and located many resident ghosts in the city while on the tour. Some spirits were happy to see us, some were not so enthusiastic about our presence and quickly vacated, and one contemporary spirit was waiting near the front door of one location waiting to attach itself to a passerby. Grace made certain this spirit didn’t attach itself to any of our guests. When asked why this particular spirit wanted to attach himself to a human, Grace said, “He is looking for someone who feels familiar. He’s waiting..he’s looking for that, and will definitely follow that person home.” Grace energetically removed him from the location.
Ghost medium Grace Cooley

While researching locations for our tours I have had just that experience of attachment. Recently, I had the opportunity to go into a basement and store room of a mercantile in Old Town. This is a site where no others but the owners are allowed to go. It is not a location of any tours. I knew a little about the haunted history of this location before I entered, but being the history and not the haunted of the tours, I always enter a location a little analytical and more interested in the past of the location.  I usually have done a little research before I enter a location, which I did with this site.  I was not prepared for what I experienced. I got about halfway down the stairs to the basement and my lungs started to feel like they were being squeezed. I felt a definite blunt oppression around my body. I continued on down the stairs, but the gracious owner would not follow me. Knowing I was a historian, he looked at me and said frantically, “What happened here?!!” I could not give him a specific event but all I could think while I was down there was, “…something bad bad bad happened here.” That was the feeling I got. I was only down there for a few moments before I followed the owner back upstairs. When I got to the top I was still out of breath and still felt the deep oppression.
I continued on with my day and all seemed to go fine until I was getting ready for a tour. When getting dressed in my bathroom, I noticed when I shut the door that a grey brown figure appeared. I brushed it off as nothing. My eyes, my imagination, something. But, when leaving my bedroom I noticed the same brown figure right in front of my bedroom door. Just a quick swish of a grey brown figure.
Grace and I did our tour. It was a very successful night. One of our participants actually saw a spirit emerge from a window of one our locations in Old Town.
After the tour, I told Grace about my experience about going in the basement of an establishment and I just wanted her to make sure nothing had followed me home and attached itself to me.  Grace closed her eyes and connected, and asked me my address. I told her where I lived. I waited and talked with some of our guests. Finally, Grace looked at me and said, “That was nasty! That was NOT a good spirit. You had definitely been attached to. That potentially could not have been good.”
I’m getting a little used this.  I’m just a historian. Not a big deal. But I now happen to be the historian for a haunted tour. In the last six months I’ve been doing this I’ve experienced apparitions, spirits,  goose bumps, the feelings of fire going up my legs, oppressive and aggressive pressure behind my back as I’ve been giving a tour and talking about a location as I’ve felt the breath going out of me.  We have had guests who have told us that they have felt a spirit person in front of their face telling them to “Get out!”, and have seen apparitions, and the same goose bumps we often feel. Just tonight while talking at one location I saw a brown spot move in front of me several times and then disappear behind me. After experiencing all I have on our tours, I feel like I could do one of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson’s Ghost Hunters tour no problem. Got it covered. I can’t say that I’m desensitized, but I’ve experienced it all.
At the conclusion of our tour tonight and after everyone had left, Grace said to me, “Hold on one moment.” I knew in an instant what she was doing. She was clearing everyone of any negative spirit energy. And I knew from the amount of time she took that it was a lot.  I’m not certain of any specific location we visited where these spirits came from, but they were there. Grace also clears all of our guests from any negativity they have experienced before the tour, and they may not know it, but our participants leave more spiritually cleansed than they were before they came.

Amanda and Reese from Fort Collins

The spirits are abundant in Old Town. Are you attached? Would you like to know more about the haunted history of Old Town Fort Collins. Would you like an alternative for fun entertainament in Old Town like recent tour guests Reese and Amanda? Contact Haunted History After Dark.



If you would like to get a past life reading, explore the haunted history of your location, OR take a tour to learn more about the spooky history of Old Town Fort Collins please contact Cost is 10 big ones per courageous ghost buster or 35 clams for an extra brave group of four. Cash only please.
 Stephen Stills begged Suite Judy Blue Eyes long ago, “Will you come see me…Thursdays and Saturdays…” What a coincidence! That’s when our tours are.  Will you come see us…Thursdays and Saturdays.  Or by reservation. 7:30 p.m.  Tours start at 136 W. Mountain Avenue home of Boutique Bravo and Mother Lode Gallery where owner Kate has been in business for a whopping 33 years! Check her out.



Anonymous said...

So do ghosts attach themselves to people on all of your tours? That sounds pretty scary... :|


Good question! No, they don't. But something to understand is that there are non-physical types all over the place - not just on a haunted tour. :) Ghosts can be picked up anywhere - and most people DO pick them up - even I do (I'm the ghost-whisperer part of the team). It's a very ordinary occurance(sp). I just make sure it doesn't happen to tour-goers - just to be on the safe side. No one wants that to happen. :) None of our historic ghosts have done this. Any attachment attempts have always been by more contemporary, but maybe not so happy, ghosts.

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